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Hubei University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine CHINA INR 138000

Hubei University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine CHINA

Hubei University of Science and Technology offers Clinical Medicine/ MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) for overseas students from . MBBS program is recognised by WHO, IMED and Medical Council of India (MCI), PMDC. Student can find the FAIMER & World Directory of Medical Schools. Main Subjects: Systematic anatomy, Regional anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, medical microbiology, preventive medicine, evidence-based medicine, diagnostics, forensic medicine, internal medical, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, epidemiology, neurology, ophthalmology,ENT, psychiatry and Chinese Language. Hubei University of Science and Technology is a university with outstanding geographical advantage and convenient transportation. Hubei University of Science and technology is a university with a long history of education and deep cultural accumulation. Hubei University of Science and Technology is situated in Xianning City population 2,780,000. Hubei University of Science & Technology Faculty of Medicine Established in 1996 Course Offered: MBBS Duration : 5+1 (Including Internship) Fee Structure Tuition Fee Per Year 13,500 RMB = 1,35,000 INR Hostel Fee Per Year 3,000 RMB = 30,000 INR Expenses in First Year One Time Development Charge 12,000 RMB =1,20,000 INR One Time Application Fee 3,250 RMB = 32,500 INR Visa, Medical Insurance and Medical checkup 2,200 RMB = 22,000 INR Total For First Year Additional Expenses Resident Permit Documents Translation and other documentation work in China and other Miscellaneous work 5,050 RMB = 50,500 INR TOTAL FIRST YEAR PAYABLE IN CHINA 
3,90,000 TOTAL from Second year to Fifth Year 1,80,000 INR Processing Fees Payable in India
 Registration Fee (Issuance of Admission Letter) 25,000 JW202 Visa and Documentation Charge 50,000 Our Service Charge (Negotiable) 50,000 Total 1,25,000 Air Ticket Included Note: 1.Admission Letter+ JW Fees are non refundable once admission
 2.Residence Permit, Physical Examination & Insurance premium some times increase or decrease. So Student has to pa according to actual price of university with all students. 3.Sixth year is internship year. Upon Completion of 5th year, Student will have to follow one year compulsory internship.
 4. Books fee & bedding Fee(800 – 1000 RMB) only in 1st year will be paid as original price according to university.
 5.Hostel standard is 2 person
 6.Student have to pay the complete 1st year fee upon arrival at university.
 7.**Documentation & Additional expenses includes invitation letter from university/ confirmation of admission JW 200 form in the university/translation of all certificates and documents/attestation of all documents & certificate from Human Resource Development ministry, Government of India/ foreign ministry, service and development charges, police registration, Travel expenses, Airport pickup, contractor fees (One Time) Lessoning Fees, Security, Visa fee, Airport Tax, Ministry of Education, Medical Check up, Medical Insurance, Orientation, Planning Commission And Banking Process, Transportation and Luggage transfer, Ministry of Labour, SB account opening dual, MCI Registration/ eligibility certificate, courier & communication charge, misc. expenses

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